Laurel Hill Cemetery


In 2014, Mr. Otter and I were traveling around the country. We ended up in Philadelphia briefly, but because we had promised to meet someone on the other side of New Jersey the next day at noon, we only had time to do one thing in Philly…and this was it.

Laurel Hill cemetery is one of the first cemeteries that was built to be a park, a beautiful place to visit and walk and think, rather than a storage space for dead people. It’s lovely and rambling and HUGE..when I looked it up on the web the night before we went there, there was a map of green spaces and roads (75 acres of this) and I said, there’s nothing to show where the cemetery is in all this green park.

IT’S ALL CEMETERY. It’s huge and seems to go on forever, up and down hills and crossing roads on bridges and down to a river…it was lovely. I had two hours there before we had to leave, and it wasn’t nearly enough.

Here’s the website for Laurel Hill Cemetery…it’s amazing how much there is going on there.


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