Key West Cemetery


In 2008, I was in Florida with my sister. Well, not so much with her…she was taking a week-long class in West Palm Beach, so I flew into Key West a couple of days early. I’d always wanted to see Key West, and I had a whole day there before getting a rental car and driving up the causeway to the mainland, where many more adventures awaited me.

But that’s a story for another day. One of the many things I did that afternoon was to visit this cemetery, which I loved. Key West is barely above sea level, so the cemetery is full of mausoleums and above-ground graves. They’re amazing and beautiful, especially since the cemetery has had to be moved a couple of times.

There’s also a whole section where the bodies from the explosion of the Maine are buried (this explosion, in Havana harbor in 1898, touched off the Spanish-American War and is an incident of particular interest to Mr. Otter, so I was thrilled to see that here as well.)

Here’s an article about the cemetery

Here is a map and a self-guided tour.


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