Palm Valley Cemetery

ROUND ROCK, TX Two friends and I were driving north of Austin, getting into all kinds of fun, and as … More

Huguenot Cemetery

ST. AUGUSTINE, FL Mr. Otter and I were driving around the country, and we camped in St. Augustine and had … More

Fairmount Memorial Park

SPOKANE, WA This is an interesting cemetery; there is one whole section called the ‘non-endowed’ section where people are buried … More

Santa Barbara Cemetery

SANTA BARBARA, CA In 2008, Mr. Otter and I were visiting friends in Santa Barbara, and we ended up in … More

Provincetown Cemetery

PROVINCETOWN, MA Established in the mid-1800s, this large cemetery is actually made up of several smaller cemeteries. Mr. Otter and … More

Hillcrest Cemetery

MENDOCINO, CA I love camping in Van Damme State Park, three miles south of Mendocino. We were there in 2010 … More

Little River Cemetery

  LITTLE RIVER, CA I love to go camping, especially with friends. One of my favorite campgrounds is Van Damme … More

Cottage Grove Cemetery

ONYX, CA Almost every time I go to Death Valley (my favorite place on Earth) I go from Bakersfield by … More

Calico Cemetery

YERMO, CA A friend and I were driving to Las Vegas, which is a 10 hour drive from where we … More

Hope Cemetery

BARRE, VT Mr. Otter and I were driving through New Hampshire and Vermont in 2014, and this was one of … More