Huguenot Cemetery


Mr. Otter and I were driving around the country, and we camped in St. Augustine and had one of the worst nights of the trip- hot, humid, buggy, you name it. No sleep was had by either of us. I had really looked forward to spending time in St. Augustine the next day, and we got up and we were just thrashed. We decided to just go see what we could find, and if we weren’t having any fun we’d go get a motel in Jacksonville (which was the plan anyway) and get a good night’s sleep. And we ended up having a WONDERFUL time in St. Augustine.

This cemetery was a beautiful little jewel, right inside the big entrance gates to the old part of town. Unfortunately, it was closed, and being right on main streets as it was I wasn’t able to casually walk in, so all my pictures are taken over the (low) walls that surround it.

Here’s the Wikipedia page with some history, including that there are no actual Huguenots buried there; at that time it was a generic term for ‘Protestants’, to differentiate this cemetery from the Catholic cemetery.


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