Boothill Graveyard


From Wikipedia: Originally called Boothill Cemetery, the graveyard was founded in 1878. After a new city cemetery was built elsewhere, the old cemetery stopped accepting new burials in about 1883 (save for very few exceptions) and fell into disrepair until the 1940s, when the city began to restore and preserve it.

I was traveling across Arizona, camping with friends, in 2016. They were going to fly home from Tucson on a Sunday, and I was going to drive back to California over the next week. We all agreed that spending Saturday in Tombstone would be a great idea…and this was the first thing we saw, driving into town from the north.

I have heard about this place my whole life, and always wanted to see it. In many ways, it was awesome. In others, not so much. I actually went to the people in the gift shop and said, the markers are obviously new…what’s up with that? Turns out that the old markers were iron crosses and attracted lightning way too much…and were rusting and falling down. There were a couple of them left, but most of them have been replaced. There are a few pictures at the end of this page that I took of photos hanging on the wall of the original grave markers.

Also, I am sorry to say, some of the more colorful epitaphs were put there for the tourist trade…here is the Wikipedia article, which includes a list of these.

Here’s a listing of all those who are buried here and any details that are known about them.

All in all, it was interesting, and a good place to visit…but like much of the town, if you want historical accuracy and real information, you have to look for it.


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